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nimda corporation, originaly named nimda rebel corp. is an american multinational corporation that operates inside the virtual world and abroad. Our research facilities focus on developing artificial intelligence technologies, virtual digital market, computing, life, leisure, and communications  inside the Desert of the Virtual and abroad. Our mission is to provide the best quality products and services to improve human existence, to uphold the highest level of scientific excellence and research, and to spread the ideals of human advancement and global netizenship that nimda corporation was founded upon.

Because of our global concerns, nimda corporation invests in education, environment, community development, global health, and disaster relief & prevention in Versu Richelieu and Minoru Musashi.

On august 2012 nimda corporation began an enormous operation to clean the toxic trash and stop pollution in the Desert of the Virtual.

On 2013, nimda corporation abandoned its lands on Versu Richelieu and relocated to a secret location, establishing our new headquarters in order to start working on our new projects. Since then, nimda corporation is selling on demand stock certificates on it's various projects.

In 2011, on the 1st anniversary of its founding, nimda corporation leapt into the world of computing and telecommunications. Our Q-Security was widely hailed as a superior, seamless networking tool for governments, firms, and households. nimda's Computing and Communications branch grew dramatically, particularly in the fields of artificial intelligence, bio-computation, quantum cryptography, and mass media, culture and education. thanks to op code drik.

One year later, nimda corporation burst into the world of entertainment. By 2013, Buen Web Inc, nc web technology and entertainment subsidiary – had designed digital effects software. Meanwhile, the nimda sailboat club videogame  became an overnight hit with children and adults alike, taking its place in millions of homes around the world.

Today, nimda corporation is a multi-faceted company working for the betterment of medical, communications, energy, transportation, and entertainment technology. As humanity moves boldly into the future, nimda corporation will be there leading the way, improving the quality of life for people everywhere.

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                      nimda wealthy co. (virtual real estate)
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                      The Jow Downes Banker
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           Prizon Records
                      street market (closed)
                      sarape store (closed)
                      hq (abandoned)
                      Buen Web Inc.



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